Ying Yang Xue

"If something is cold, heat it. If something is hot, cool it." –Huangdi Neijing

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If using food as medicine strikes you as a pretty brilliant idea (hint: it is), then we recommend you explore further. Here are a few texts that we like::

  *Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford.   Gives a great and graspable foundation for Chinese Medicine as a whole, with very specific food remedies for a variety of issues.

     *Chinese Nutrition Therapy by Joerg Kastner, MD, L.Ac.   Wonderful for broad theory of why this style of therapy works, with extremely specific properties of a host of foods.  

     *Chinese Dietary Therapy by Liu Jilin.  Nice intro to Chinese Medicine and how to properly use foods for therapeutic effect.

* Foodiecure is a fantastic TCM diet blog rich with ideas, recipes and resources! A terrific site for learning about the art and enjoyment of eating healthy.

We also recommend working with a local Acupuncture Physician–find a board certified Acupuncturist through the NCCAOM here!

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