Ying Yang Xue

"If something is cold, heat it. If something is hot, cool it." –Huangdi Neijing

Smooooooooth Your Liver Qi!!!!!


Welcome to Ri-Frin’s LR Qi Sir-Fry Bar!! Here you in charge. No angry, irritable, or frustration over long wait, small portions, or just not what you want.

LR Qi stagnation was chosen for me, and like everyone else’s DOS “choice”, mine was a perfect fit. (Thank you, Dr. Wald) Sources say that it is best to eat foods that are lightly cooked to ensure that nutrients are preserved and are more readily digested and absorbed. Meals should consist of lightly cooked vegetables (roughly 40-60% of your diet) About 30% of the diet should be comprised of complex carbohydrates. Proteins should comprise only about 10% of the diet and red meat should be avoided.

I have designed a meal where every single ingredient is a benefit to anyone who is challenged by LR Qi stagnation. Take as much or as little you like and I will personally prepare your dish before your very eyes! This is not a selfless act, however. Taking the time to prepare the ingredients before the meal and then later stirring the contents around in the wok (or electric skillet) so as to not let them burn and insure an even cooking temperature is a great way to get out of one ’s self for a spell and just concentrate on the task at hand…  A sort of meditation if you will.



extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) garlic paste

boneless-skinless chicken cutlets ginger paste

center-cut pork tenderloins green onions

asparagus baby bok choy

carrots cabbage

leeks horseradish

noodles shitake mushrooms

snow peas soy sauce

water chestnuts white rice


TCM DOS:  Liver Qi Stagnation

Western Correlations:  Stress, emotional disorders, depression, PMS

TCM S/S:  hypochondriac pain, distention in chest and hypochondria, sighing, hiccups, belching, depression, irritability, easy to anger, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, abdominal distention, diarrhea, poor appetite, sour regurgitation, plum pit sensation in throat, painful periods, irregular periods

Tongue:   normal to slightly red on sides

Pulse:  wiry

Foods that Help:  beets, carrots, celery, potato, tomato, onion, lemon/lime, spinach, cherry, pineapple, mulberry, plum, raspberry, wheat, rye, spelt, pine nut, lima bean, pea, black sesame seed, pork, saltwater fish, crab, cow milk cheese, yogurt, goat and sheep milk cheese, anise seed, brown sugar, rice vinegar, wine, grape, lychee fruit

Foods to Avoid:  avoid excess alcohol, hot/spicy foods, raw foods, greasy foods, and cold/frozen foods

Helpful Cooking Methods:  steaming, boiling for shorter period, blanching, and cooking with alcohol


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2 thoughts on “Smooooooooth Your Liver Qi!!!!!

  1. I love your posts and love your recipes. I hope its okay that I link these on my clinic facebook page to share with everyone.

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